An Open Letter of Friendship to Donald Trump 

Dear Mr. Trump,  

My name is Jenny Sammons, and I'm a 37 year-old african-american woman who was born in Charlottesville, Virginia. I now live in Fairfield, Iowa. I'm writing this open letter to extend to you my unconditional love and friendship.  

I wanted to tell you that even though there are many people who are against you, I am for your highest happiness and success in all things that are in harmony with your most loving desires and aspirations. I am for your healing and I am for your inner beauty and goodness to shine through. May you experience joy, humility, true love and compassion and may you be nurtured, nourished and feel loved.  

I wish happiness and blessings upon your family and all the people that you hold near and dear to your heart. I wish you comfort, solace and peace of mind. I wish you vibrant physical health, vibrant emotional health, and vibrant, loving relationships. I wish for every person you touch to be blessed by the beauty of the love that is inherent in you, and to be reminded and shown the beauty of God through your words and deeds.  

I have confidence in you. I have confidence that you are inherently good and that you have the ability to use that goodness from your position of power and influence to do many beautiful and loving things for our planet. For this I am eternally grateful. I am grateful for every kind word you have spoken with sincerity and care, and for every loving action you have done for sake of others. I am grateful for every time you have felt love for one of our brothers and sisters on this journey called life and I know that your love will be multiplied and returned to you manyfold. 

Thank you for being you. You are a beautiful creation and an expression God's love for us. Your being is evidence of the beauty and awesome power of our creator and it is a joy and a gift to feel this love in my heart for you.  


Jenny Sammons

New Year, New Resolve  


My 2018 intention is to strengthen my reliance on God - to refer to Her in all of my challenges and triumphs. It's easy to forget that I have a loving God to lean on, and it's easy to turn away from the perfection in all that God's beautiful law of attraction has brought to me. So this year I ask God to make me His angel, so that when I speak I am speaking only words of love, that when I act I am acting only with the intention to love and be loved. That when I sing, my songs are steeped in love. May your heart open to love, may you allow the beauty and truth of God's love to reach you, heal you, and transform you into the perfection that you already are.