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Hi everyone! I’ve been busy over the last few weeks working on numerous creative projects that have been fun and fulfilling. Last Friday, with the Collective, I participated in Art for Justice, an event to benefit Barry Farm, a neighborhood that is under the threat of being redeveloped, leaving the residents displaced. To show our solidarity, we hosted a concert and art show and gave all funds to benefit the effort. I sang a song with the Collective band and made two oil pastel and acrylic drawings, both of which sold! 

Over the last three months the Collective had been building up to this event. This pilot of the Collective was only intended to last for 3 months and I’m a bit sad to see it now come to an end. Three months went by so fast! I’m confident, though, that these bonds I’ve formed with my fellow participants will endure. The next step for the Collective is to launch the full 8-month program this fall. Judging by the pilot program, we’ll recruit another inspiring group of creative folks ready to roll up their sleeves and create for social justice. But we need your support to make this happen! 

That’s why I’m helping to organize a fundraiser this Thursday - An Evening with the Collective.

It should be a beautiful, soul-nourishing evening. There will be live music (myself and other Collective participants will be performing), art on display, and even a screen-printing demonstration. It’ll be an evening of sharing stories where the community can get an inside peek into the kind of supportive environment being fostered in the four walls of our little studio in Ivy City. I hope you can make it. Go here for more info: 

In terms of the rest of my creative life, I’ve been busy with other projects. I’ve been creating oil pastel drawings of flowers as a spiritual practice in connecting to my divine femininity and I'll post pictures once they are finished. To heal myself emotionally and physically, connecting to the earth has felt important, which is why I’ve also started a little vegetable garden in my front yard. 

In a few days I’m teaching a Shamballa bracelet workshop at a local middle school and preparing has been a lot of fun. I don’t have a chance to make jewelry very often these days, so it was nice to dust off the skills I’ve amassed over the last 15 years to make the samples for the class. I’d like to teach more workshops like this for beginners. There’s something so fulfilling about lending my knowledge to another. It’s a gift that never runs out! 

Initially, when I made the choice to move to DC I wanted to dive into my music and refine my voice. Now that I’m here, I’m finding performing and practicing on a regular basis to be more stress than my body needs, so I’m content to indulge in my joy of music through the less frequent performance opportunities offered by the Sanctuaries.

In February I recorded an album of songs that I’ve now made available to download through my website. I was under the weather at the time of the recording, and it was a rushed process, so the recordings are not industry quality, but they’re my songs and lyrics that I poured my full heart and soul into. I feel it’s my duty to be generous with them. Together, Eli Helman and I wrote and recorded 11 songs about unconditional love, both romantic and the love that comes from God. If you feel so moved, your generous donations are most welcome. 

If you’ve made it to the end of this post, I’d like to thank you, send my love, and wish for you all the blessings I would hope for a cherished friend. 



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