Medium Essay

New Year, New Resolve 


My 2018 intention is to strengthen my reliance on God - to refer to Her in all of my challenges and triumphs. It's easy to forget that I have a loving God to lean on, and it's easy…


I'm going on tour!

I'm going on tour, y'all! With the super talented Luke Davids! We're leaving Fairfield in late October and will be on the road for 3 weeks. 

We'll be through the South West: Columbia, St Louis, Little Rock, Shreveport, Houston…


My Prayer

Dear God,

Let me come to know the joy of opening my heart to the love and deep and abiding blessings that are never withheld from me when I come to you with a humble and sincere desire for…


Hello Friend

 Hello friend. Let's gather here at the ends of the waves, cords and fibers that allow us to commune at a distance. I give thanks for our trusty computer and smartphone screens, yet acknowledge the allurements woven throughout our internet…

How I'm Doing

Hi everyone! I’ve been busy over the last few weeks working on numerous creative projects that have been fun and fulfilling. Last Friday, with the Collective, I participated in Art for Justice, an event to benefit Barry Farm, a…